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Our Philosophy

Bay of Fires' philosophy, in the vineyard and in the winery, is to ensure the varietal characteristics of our Tasmanian fruit are revealed, preserved and celebrated in every wine we create for you.


Bay of Fires' Tasmanian terroir delivers outstanding fruit – our vines enjoy a cool, maritime climate that provides steady ripening conditions. However, with this climate comes the challenges of lower sunlight levels and a greater variation in terroir – the very complexities that encourage our determination.

Out of extraordinary challenges come exceptional results. It's no easy task growing vines in Tasmania – it requires lots of passion, hard work, commitment and knowledge. But when the vineyards are nurtured with these four qualities, the result is truly remarkable fruit and the Bay of Fires range of wines.

All the vines are painstakingly pruned and trellised in the single cordon vertical shoot (Guyot) technique to protect them against the elements that are as fickle as the winds that carry them.

Just like the sub-regions of our island state, every vineyard has a unique and distinctive character forged out of its soil, its climate and, of course, its careful management. The Bay of Fires team is  a collective of professionals who thrive on the combination of the challenges and advantages delivered in this Tasmanian locality.   




The Bay of Fires' winemaking team captures the essence of the fruit that has been lovingly nurtured in the vineyards and crafts exceptional wines. Ideas are shared, knowledge is consolidated and curiosity brings out the very best in every parcel of fruit. Find balance and beauty will follow.

Acidity is balanced against sweetness to create delicate Rieslings.A harmony of mouthfeel and fruit flavour is achieved in our Chardonnays. And, of course, the trickiest grape of them all, Pinot Noir, amplifies its terroir beautifully and is delivered in a wine of superb complexity, structure and romance. 

The team strives to echo the terroir and the essence of Tasmania. It's winemaking on the edge, but in the face of such challenges the rewards speak for themselves.


Age Verification

Welcome to Bay of Fires Wines in Tasmania. Home of some of the finest cool climate wines in Australia. It is important to us that our wine and tasting experiences are enjoyed responsibly, please ensure you are of legal drinking age in your country and enter your date of birth below.