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Tasmanian Wine Regions

Explore our growers and the wine regions around Tasmania to discover the home of Bay of Fires' vineyards, scattered all over our fertile island.

Tamar Valley

Situated in the north of our island, Tamar Valley is well suited to grow exceptional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. It's one of the warmer, wetter sub-regions of Tasmania and grows grapes with ripe, fruit-forward flavours and moderate intensity. It's a very reliable area for production of high-quality wine.

Pipers River

This is Bay of Fires' home turf and among our most important sparkling wine grape sources. Nestled in the north-east of the state, Pipers River is one of the coolest sub-regions, with moderating winds keeping the daily temperature variation low. It has the highest winter rainfall of the Tasmanian grape-growing areas and its terroir is supported by rich, red ferrosol soils.

Coal River Valley

A sheltered valley in the south, this area is distinguished by its ability to produce very high-quality, slow-maturing, cool-climate grapes of nearly all varieties and styles. With moderate temperatures and low rainfall, the region features a variety of soil types and produces fruit with softness and perfume.

East Coast

Centered around the beautiful coastal town of Swansea, Bay of Fires' east coast growers produce Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes of a robust, muscular nature with wonderful depth of flavour. Conditions in the area are relatively warm and dry, with the maritime influence minimising temperature variation and keeping the relative humidity high.

Huon Valley

Commanding the southernmost tip of Tasmania, the Huon Valley is the coolest and wettest sub-region of Tasmania. We source many of our higest quality sparkling grapes from the hardy, determined growers in this pristine corner of Australia.

Derwent River Valley

This sub-region is split into two very distinct sections: the Upper and Lower Dewent. The Lower Dewent is warm and sheltered, producing fruit with great richness and ripeness, including wonderful Pinot Noir. The Upper Derwent experiences much colder nights and is the driest grape-producing from which we source. This region grows supreme-quality sparkling wine grapes, producing wines with outstanding elegance, finesse and complexity.


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